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Site Wide Rules

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Yoinked from KIA2 (I'll probably make changes to this later):

ONE: Do not post Illegal Activity. Also, do not post any manifesto's done by terrorists, active shooters, serial felons rationalizing such things, or promoting such things, even if your content does not endorse the message.

TWO: Do not engage in speech that promotes, advocates, glorifies, or endorses violence.

THREE: Do not brigade another board (on this site) in an attempt to disrupt. (Other sites are fair game.)

FOUR: Do not post ISM. Involuntary Salacious Material means NSFW material of a manner that was not intentionally made public. This is the "upskirt", "revenge porn", and "private intimate photos" rule.

FIVE: Porn is OK but it must be posted in off-topic. Keep it legal. No CP.

SIX: Do not intentionally deceive others by impersonating another. This does not apply to satire.

SEVEN: Do not post spam. If you are self-advertising, you must have sufficiently engaged on the forum prior to your post, and you must engage with the users when they comment in your post. Spam will also include repeated messages and comments that are done with no effort to add to the conversation.
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